IPOH FOOD FEST : Building Communities

IPOH FOOD FEST : Building Communities

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Today marks the first of the Ipoh Food Fest. Organised by the team of Startup Ipoh, the Ipoh Food Fest brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy Food.

The 10 events of the month mark an appreciation of different communities in the city.

Food Truck Party at PORT : Young Hipsters and Artists

Tea Buffet at Tea and Tattle : New Ideas for Cuisine

PIFI : Feed the Homeless : The underprivileged Homeless in integration with society

Organic Farm Visitation to Happy Farm : Appreciation and Understanding of Organic Produce based in Ipoh

Chinese Halal Street : Integration and Build of a growing  Young Chinese Muslim Community

Dapur Jalanan (Walking Kitchen) : The acceptance of the homeless to society through a Picnic

Wing Zone Competition for Hot Wings : Spicy Buffalo Wings for the young and Fun!

Tour Guide Food Trail : The appreciation of Heritage and Culture whilst enjoying food.

Latte Art Throwdown : The Barista Community to evolve the Coffee Growth of Ipoh.


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#IpohFoodFest is to be Ipoh’s 1 month long celebration with the food industry. Sponsored by Destination Perak, the idea is to try and diverge from the normalcy of Ipoh and to try new experiences around the city. To connect with the underground and underprivileged while also enjoy the premiums and the rare. With the first event beginning on the 8th of November at PORT. Every Tuesday night is Food Truck night. A Casual night out under the stars with acoustic music. The month takes us through the Chinese Halal Street, Tea Buffet Thursdays, Wing Zone Habanero Chicken Wings Competition, and ends with the Barista Competition not he 30th of November.The Chinese Halal Street is a new initiative with the support of Masjid China Bercham, led by Uztaz Hafiz Ng. Believing in the common ground of being together in harmony, the community will be hosting Malaysia’s First Chinese Halal Street to bring together one and all to have breakfast and lunch.
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Traditional chinese dishes from the days of old will be made and sold at the Courtyard of the Birch Memorial as all are welcome to join. The support also sees a walkabout the UTC and Newtown area to feed the homeless with Pay It Forward Ipoh and Dapur Jalanan at Birch Memorial. Ipoh Food Fest wholly supports the communities that are assisting the homeless to live with dignity. PIFI believes in the philosophy to give food at their spaces, while Dapur Jalanan prefers a more picnic stance between society and the homeless. The Artisan Food Market is a necessary support to be able to showcase and find hidden talents in Ipoh city. The Mini version situated at the 1st floor Loft of Gaharu Tea Valley will have many interesting flavours from all walks of life with modern and new concepts for sale.

Communities are alive in food, and it’s not all about eating.

Ipoh Food Fest highlights the possibilities beyond the famous. We already know what’s Ipoh is famous for, – the question we really need to ask ourselves as we head towards Wawasan 2020 is “What Next?”. #IpohFoodFest is the platform to discover that very question. As we try to see beyond the famous chicken rice, and nasi ganja, we would need Ipoh to be able to give so much more in talents, and mindsets before we come to a pinnacle of a growing F&B economy.ipoh-food-fest artisan-market-in-nostalgia

Facebook Page : IPOH FOOD FEST

Contact/Whatsapp for more Info : Allison Nadine (+60165177295)



Ipoh Guide

Ipoh Guide

Ipoh Guide is focused on building the many communities in the city. The belief in its people will give rise to a substantial economy built on Trust & Mutual Understanding. We want the city to have a soul. We do things very differently. To collaborate, partner or understand more of who and what we are about email us at .

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