Plan B New Menu Launch in IPOH

Plan B New Menu Launch in IPOH

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Plan B launches their new menu “YOUR NEW LOCAL”.


The Preview of their new menu took place on a Friday night in Ipoh. And the dishes stood up to its level of expectation as would be given by The Big Amazing food and People from all walks came together. The neighborhood Lawyers were all there in corners and nooks. Marketing friends from several corporate companies and many notable families of Ipoh City.

The restaurant/cafe was packed with every table filled up for the Launch of  Your New Local.


The menu began with the drinks. There were 3 drinks served to us.  On the left, we had the Elderflower Mint Lemonade. (RM12) . A refreshing start after a long day. The Elderflower Mint makes gives the Lemonade a spike in its zest as you drink it down. Chewing on the leaves does make you feel that its morning and the day has just begun, though the day is ending. Then there is the Passionfruit Ice Tea (RM10) . As a personal favourite, the passionfruit tea is strong in flavor but not in caffeine. The dark tea wakes you up like a Teh-O with ice. It was topped with passionfruit ice cream. It’s an unusual combination to have Ice Cream and Tea, but the passionfruit ice cream is the sweetener. You naturally stir it into the tea to drink.


Then we have a Iced Chocolate(RM10). You would think that the Iced Chocolate is a drink that is extremely fattening with as what we’ve usually been having. Plan B Your New Local went with fresh milk with chocolate aromas and cocoa mixed into this dairy strengthening delight. It’s not full of sweetness, it’s full of healthy goodness. Topped with Vanilla ice cream to add as a sweetener to your drink, Iced Chocolate came at a moment when there are very little options for healthy chocolate.

IMG_0903Snacks arrived after with potatoes in their skin served on a table with 3 sauces. Skin on fries with dips (RM9) . Most of a potatoes nutritions are in the skin, and these fries came with them on. The price tag of these fries are extremely worth it as the experience to sit with a group of 4 friends enjoying really good french fries is an experience everyone shares. The dips are what makes this piece special. Salted Egg Yolk, Lime Mayo and Singapore Chilli. It’s not surprising that the table did not like Salted Egg Yolk. Most Ipoh folks would skip it in taste as it is usually too salty for the local palette. However the love for the tangy lime mayo and sour, sweet, spicy recipe of the Singapore Chilli came welcoming. The chilli had little spice with the table claiming that it was more of an “Ang Moh” chilli. Everyone can eat, even babies. 


Served after that would be the Salad to kick off the dinner. Without reading the name of the salad, you’d think its another peanut salad with dressing. Then there’s a surprise waiting for you. – The KRUNCH. #PlanBKitchen had added in the 1990 babies local favorite ” Mammee Noodles”. The salted crunch came welcoming as many have not tasted the Mammee since their primary school days. It brought about a sense of nostalgia for most. The conversation then revolved about Primary School stories. A most cherished memoir from long ago. At the price tag of RM18, Kristy’s Krunchy Kale Salad is the dish for the wellness crazy for Iron, Potassium, High Fibre with a dash of Sin (to remind you not to take life too seriously). We wondered then,  did they name this salad after Benjamin Yong’s sister, Kristy? Did she make this salad?


Then arrived the Buttermilk Fried Chicken (RM33) . Don’t let the price scare you on this one. It was a dish worth more than RM33 with the extremely tender Buttermilk Fried Chicken going with the Supercrispy waffle. It’s not a half burger, it’s not a whole burger. – It was Chicken on a Waffle, and it was big enough to be eaten by 3 ladies or 1 extremely hungry guy. The Buttermilk Fried Chicken was excellent. Many of the invited would say that this was the best dish of the night.



Then came the Zucchini Spaghetti (RM22). By this time, the entire table was too full to eat. And couldn’t master to think of food. Let alone think of something as heavy as Pasta. However the night went on and after a few glasses of wines. Red + White, we consumed the Zucchini Spaghetti with a full appetite.


IMG_0967 IMG_0966

We were wrongly mistaken to think that the Zucchini Spaghetti would be heavy. The light al-dente pasta was a welcome to the night as the Lemon Tanginess squeezed in, made for a refreshing palette. The fresh cherry tomatoes and zucchini made the pasta even more worthwhile. A delightful vegetarian dish – for all.


And to slowly end the main course was a comfy food. Asian Salmon Salad Rice Bowl (RM33). The dish was a Grilled Salmon served with edamame, avocade, greens, furikake and chilli soy dressing.

Again. Many would think that a rice dish would be heavy. Maybe on its own for 1 person yes, but with 3 ladies tasting a bowl. We didn’t have that experience. It was welcoming.

IMG_0986 IMG_1005 IMG_0987

Then there were the deserts. The white Pavlova bottom with Chocolate on top is the Black Forest Pavlova (RM18). A slow melt in your mouth with Chocolate on top. The  semi-hard powdery chaffed melt would bring you to a gender discussion on how men prefer this than that. Sitting in the centre of the 3 is the Jaffa Cake(RM15) is a soft succulent and moist piece with Toy. Don’t let that ice cream fool you, it’s a chocolate ball waiting to be devoured.homer-simpson And the pink holed goodness is the Springfield Donut (RM16) – The more I looked at it, it made more sense as to why the Donut was called Springfield.

Plan B really knew how to have some fun in the kitchen when they put together this Donut.




The night came to an end with a shot of Affogato. How lovely for Caffeine. Fret not though if you’re a coffee lover or a tea lover, you will love this as the Affogato is a shot of caffeine with Teh Tarik Ice Cream. Don’t chose, just drink. And so ends the night of Indulgence as buzzed filled patrons and fans of Plan B heading back home for a good night rest.


note : Ipoh Guide would like to take this opportunity to apologise for making you hungry #NOT. #enjoylife 


Address: Sekeping Kong Heng, 75, Jalan Panglima, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Open Everyday · 10AM–12AM



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