Plan B sponsors Startup Ipoh for 2016!!

Plan B sponsors Startup Ipoh for 2016!!

April 20, 20161030Views
Plan B Sponsors Startup Ipoh
When International Companies, Local Startups, Media Companies, Community Builders, Graphic Designers and more – Get together.

For the year 2016, Plan B will be sponsoring community group Startup Ipoh. Startup Ipoh is a community focused on building businesses in the city to move Economy into the future. Startup Ipoh’s  focus on its people are the core developments of Ipoh as these businesses will end up defining the culture, the lifestyles and the identity of the State.Plan B - Your New Local - Logo copy

Beyond the normal Food & Hotels, Startup Ipoh focuses on E-Sports, Technology and IT, Business Development and Partnerships within Asia Pacific and brings in companies that would encourage the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem!

“There are many more types of businesses that would bring a diversity towards the city. However the monotonous usual cafes and restaurants also make Human Resources and Talent Development in Perak to be very stagnant. Having a healthy dose of Tech will make things exciting.

The sponsorship by Plan B will allow for Startup Ipoh to plan marketing and media benefits for the community more strategically as we now are able to manage the logistics on a fixed base rather than our previous decision making where we bounced around Ipoh and crashing cafes (Startup Ipoh #2) to use for the event” remarks Joanna Gough, Founder of Startup Ipoh

Startup Ipoh’s next event is on the 22nd of April marketing the 4th session in Ipoh

Click Here for registration and more information.



Ipoh Guide

Ipoh Guide

Ipoh Guide is focused on building the many communities in the city. The belief in its people will give rise to a substantial economy built on Trust & Mutual Understanding. We want the city to have a soul. We do things very differently. To collaborate, partner or understand more of who and what we are about email us at .

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