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The craze for Pokemon has just begun as their servers have opened up to South East Asia. Pokemon Go began at approximately 9.00am Malaysia time when most of Ipoh are slowly waking up and having breakfast.

How will this craze effect Ipoh city?

From the craze that has hit USA and the world over, we’ve seen how people began going out of their houses and interacting with each other in order to catch Pokemon. Children are more proactive as they run around the parks. Autistic children develop social skills and many players utilize math and knowledge to level up their pokemons.

Only time will be able to tell how this is going to effect Ipoh’s laid back lifestyle.

In the mean time, groups such as Startup Ipoh as organising mass walks to allow Pokemon Playing in a safe environment as they walk around the city catching Pokemon. Get in on the excitement on their facebook group :

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PokemonGO IPOH Mass Walk 



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