Sekeping Kong Heng : TOP 10 Industrial-Chic Hotels and Hostels in the World

Sekeping Kong Heng : TOP 10 Industrial-Chic Hotels and Hostels in the World

June 23, 2016670Views

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Ipoh’s Pride and Joy! 

Congratulations to Ng Seksan and his team who have built Sekeping Kong Heng and the Kong Heng Square. On the 18th of April 2016, Sekeping Kong Heng had won the award of Top 10 in the world for being Industrial-Chic.

According to Sekeping’s website, the space is a testimony to Ipoh’s decadent past, Kong Heng was used as a hostel to house theatre performers who performed in the adjacent theatre building that was burnt down in the 50s. Now rejuvenated, it is hoped that Sekeping Kong Heng will be able to offer guests a slice of history within a real old town setting which is alive, working and real. Wake up to the heady aroma of white coffee that perfumes the air in the mornings, listen to the cacophony of banter between hawkers, go on a culinary adventure and experience living in the heart and soul of Ipoh.

Read it on the Guardian here : Sekeping Kong Heng,Ipoh, Malaysia 

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