Startup Ipoh #4 | How To Build a Million Dollar Company from Ipoh

Startup Ipoh #4 | How To Build a Million Dollar Company from Ipoh

April 20, 20161088Views

Startup Ipoh #4 | How To Build a Million Dollar Company from Ipoh 

There are TREMENDOUS opportunities in the world today where we read about stories of Teenagers becoming millionaires at the age of 14 and 16 years old. Vietnam is attracting huge foreign investors after a game called Flappy Bird goes viral (The True Story of Flappy Bird). and many more stories that see to the rise of Technology in Malaysia.


From the very heart of Ipoh at the Greentown Business Centre, resides Radica Software. The 11 year old company that has been functioning on a team of 6 people in a small office lot based in Ipoh (and Terrible Internet) catering to 42 countries from around the world. Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, The Phillipines, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Japan and many much more. With their clients being NASA, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Ford Motors and the likes, you can expect Radica Software to be a Million Dollar company in the year 2016. 415691_10151144961004299_166064408_o

Led by Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Yip, and his vision to be here in Ipoh for it’s low cost of living, family life and no traffic jams (5 minutes from everything) stress free environment, listen to his Journey this Friday as he shares with us the execution, marketing strategies, and know-how of navigating an Ipoh Based company from Idea to the World.

Want to know how to scale your company? Meet Thomas Yip at Startup Ipoh #4, Venue sponsored by Plan B

Date : 22 April 2016, Time : 8pm, Venue : Plan B




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