Twenty Six PokeStops In A Secure Environment.

Twenty Six PokeStops In A Secure Environment.

September 20, 2016329Views

The game Pokemon Go that was introduced just two month ago is still very much a ‘must play’ game based on the crowd that participated at the Pokemon Go event held at the Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) theme park on Malaysia Day.

StartupIpoh founder Joanna Gough organised the Pokemon Go event with teammate Benz Aliff (seated) and Brian Chan.
StartupIpoh founder Joanna Gough organised the Pokemon Go event with teammates Benz Aliff (seated) and Brian Chan.

Organised by StartupIpoh founder Joanna Gough the event saw over 200 participants that congregated at the park for the event.

Gough had a month earlier organised Ipoh’s first Pokemon Go hunt at Ipoh’s Old Town heritage walk enclave.

That event held on a weekend saw an estimated 500 participants swarm around Old Town hunting for Pokemon’s.

“Unlike the event at Old Town the event at Lost World Of Tambun was within an enclosed space and participants did not have to worry about traffic.

“Additionally LWOT has 27 PokeStops and 3 Gyms and that is a lot of Stops which the participants loved very much”


Participants seen hunting for Pokemon’s at the theme park amidst scenic setting and within an secure environment free of traffic and worry.

She added that the 200 number of participants was an estimate as the majority had used their annual passes to enter the theme park and the figure could be slightly more.

Lost World of Tambun is a very scenic theme park with the hilly backdrop of the Titiwangsa mountain range and soothing water features.

However despite its scenic picnic setting seen walking amongst the holiday crowds was participants focusing solely on their smartphones ‘zombielike’ whilst following the foot path obviously  trying to catch Pokemons.

The cost for the entry of the theme park was RM35 but a group of Ipoh residents willingly paid to participate in the hunt.

‘Twenty six PokeStops attracted Allan Foo (7th from left)and friends to participate. Similarly for Deva Rubin and Andy Seow (right pix)

“What was interesting was the twenty six PokeStops. This is a lot of Stops and makes the hunt interesting” said Allan Foo who spoke on behalf of the group.

Another player Deva Rubin acknowledged that the twenty six Stops could not be found anywhere else in town.

“This is the fun part of the game plus of course the enclosed area where we don’t have to worry about in other peoples way not to mention oncoming traffic”

Being a holiday parents such as Mrs Lee with her two sons Wei Quan and Wei Xian were seen walking the pathways of the park in search of Pokemons.

Pokemon Go for family bonding. (left pix l-r) Mrs Lee with Wei Quan and Wei Xian. (right pix in white shirt) Iskandar Zulkarnain with relatives.

Apparently the twenty six Stops was also the draw for relatives Irwan Fahmi, Iskandar Zulkarnain, Sofea Syahirah and Elyas Syameer.

They lived just practically next door to the park and twenty six Stops was a good enough reason to show up to catch all ‘em Pokemons.




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